2012 passed very quickly for me, now its almost 2013

2012 really passed very quickly, I still remember the eve of 2012 when I wrote my last blog here. It was so fast (or may be I've been slower) that I failed to write another blog since then. A few of my friends, quite a few of my juniors and a good number of clients [...]


Payment Guidelines – Payoneer and Moneybookers

For my clients - just wanted to put a blog record for the most asked question (how to pay you?) so far: 1. Guideline to Pay Me Using Payoneer: Use this link: https://load.payoneer.com/LoadToPage.aspx?email=rupom_315@yahoo.com Or follow the below steps: Go to http://www.payoneer.com/ Click on Load money to card button in the right side Load money by [...]

Create Short URL using our URL Shrinker at RUPOM.NET

Today we have released a free URL Shrinking service at http://rupom.net which creates shortest possible URL from your long URL input. As the usage of internet is increasing on and people being connected to each other using social networks and social medias as well as the usual options like email, personal website, blog, etc., the [...]