openssl_sign(): supplied key param cannot be coerced into a private key

Hello, just wanted to write something coming back after a long time. Please excuse my absence, life has been very busy with so much other priorities. This post is for those who are using a PHP-DKIM solution and experiencing this below error - openssl_sign(): supplied key param cannot be coerced into a private key This [...]


Some helpful Firefox add-ons for web developers

I want to share some helpful Firefox add-ons that you might like. In my case, they all help me a lot in my development. Helpful Firefox add-ons: - Firebug: Firebug integrates with Firefox to put a wealth of development tools at your fingertips while you browse. You can edit, debug, and monitor CSS, HTML, and [...]

Set your own timezone on a shared hosting

If you are a web application developer and had opportunities to work on various client servers around the globe, you may have already experienced the timezone related problems in the server script. This problem comes when the hosting is a shared one and the website runs for a different timezone than the server's timezone. For [...]

Google Base Data API Error – You must specify an id for this item

For those who have recently faced this error during product uploading to Google Base, please note that you have to add an additional attribute <g:id> with each of your entries. Google has recently added more documentation on this: Thanks. -- Rupom

Beendobox :: Check and Send email without leaving Facebook!

Finally we were able to release an Alpha version of the Beendobox on Facebook. Now we can say there is a web application that makes life easier when accessing multiple email accounts. Currently it supports Hotmail, Yahoo & Gmail and hoping AOL & POP3 very soon. Find it here: Check and Send email without [...]

My Facebook Applications

I am playing with FB apps. See the ones that I added since yesterday: 1. - for phpResource Feeds 2. - for cricket updates live from 3. for cricket updates live from (Bangladesh cricket included) Do you want to build one? Follow my previous post. It's very easy to create [...]