Avoid being blacklisted for SPAM you did not send

If you ever tried to send e-mail messages that never seem to reach the destination, don't blame PHP limited built-in mail capabilities! You may be victim of having your mail server blacklisted for SPAM that you never sent. Manuel Lemos of PHPClasses.Org shares an article that guides through the way to avoid being blacklisted for [...]


Class Text Search Replace : New Update

Today I made an update of my class "Text Search Replace" at PHPClasses.org. This update will increase the search capability of the class. The initial release of the class could not search some special characters (well, I just forgot & missed this to put with the initial release). Later a user of this class (his [...]

Search and Replace in Several Files Using PHP and Perl

Search and replace of keywords are very important in programming especially when you are working with files. I prepared and released a PHP class for this purpose. You can check it here: http://www.phpclasses.org/browse/package/3211.html You can use this class very easily. It has also an option to log changes/replacements that have been done in the most [...]

Some Usage Examples of My XmlToArray Class

I am very happy that my XmlToArray Class at PHPClasses.Org got a huge popularity. This class parses XML and forms array from the hierarchical XML format. You can download it from here: http://www.phpclasses.org/browse/package/2938.html Recently few users requested me to provide a real-life example usage of my class. In this regard, I want to show two [...]

Being The “Innovation Award Winner” of May, 2006

Finally my class Graph Coloring won the "Innovation Award" at PHP Classes. I am very happy for this achievement. I got light to my life getting the result from PHP Classes authority. I got 33.33% votes among all classes nominated in May, 2006. My thanks to the users those liked my class and voted me. [...]

Demo Of Url2PdfReport Classs

I have put a demo implementation of my Url2PdfReport Classs in the web. Many users asked me their problems using the Class. This demo is for their better understanding. My demo is here: http://phpresource.bdwebwork.com/pdf_test [Choose your PDF reader's version in the demo.] If you are facing any kind outputting problem, please see the demo outputs [...]