Search and Replace in Several Files Using PHP and Perl

Search and replace of keywords are very important in programming especially when you are working with files. I prepared and released a PHP class for this purpose. You can check it here: You can use this class very easily. It has also an option to log changes/replacements that have been done in the most [...]


Fastest Solution to Count Number of Lines Inside a File

Here is another PERL stuff to share. Many systems have a wc program to count lines in a file: ——————————- $count = `wc -l die "wc failed: $?" if $?; chomp($count); ------------------------------- You could also open the file and read line-by-line until the end, counting lines as you go: open(FILE, " $count++ while ; # [...]

Being The Top Downloaded Author At

i am the top downloaded author for this week at Three of my classes are now in the top ten (10) list. These three classes made me the top downloaded author for this week: SQL2PDFReport HTML2PDFReport Grab Gmail Address Book I am happy getting this top position. My special thanks to the phpclasses members. [...]

Prize “CGI Programming with Perl” to Dhaka

Yesterday I got “Innovation Award” winning prize from PHP Classes, an O’relly book named “CGI Programming with Perl”. The prize reached to Dhaka three days earlier, I released it by UPS and got in my hand yesterday. I started my reading on “CGI Programming with Perl” just after receiving the book. I developed two projects [...]