Getting Rid of Thumbs.db in Windows

If you use SVN client on Windows machine, you will experience (or have experienced already) an annoying problem in media folders (especially image) if you have set the "Show hidden files and folders" option in the "Folder Options" window ON. A file named "Thumbs.db" is automatically created in media folders that cause problems during SVN [...]


Avoid being blacklisted for SPAM you did not send

If you ever tried to send e-mail messages that never seem to reach the destination, don't blame PHP limited built-in mail capabilities! You may be victim of having your mail server blacklisted for SPAM that you never sent. Manuel Lemos of PHPClasses.Org shares an article that guides through the way to avoid being blacklisted for [...]

Google Base Data API Error – You must specify an id for this item

For those who have recently faced this error during product uploading to Google Base, please note that you have to add an additional attribute <g:id> with each of your entries. Google has recently added more documentation on this: Thanks. -- Rupom

How to disable laptop’s touchpad in Linux?

I just want to share something that might come to your helps. If you are using Linux on your laptop and don't want to use the touch pad, please follow this: 1. Open file /etc/X11/xorg.conf and find a block similar to: Section "InputDevice" Identifier  "Synaptics" Driver      "synaptics" Option        "Device" "/dev/input/mice" Option        "Protocol" "auto-dev" [...]

Election in Bangladesh – Getting a secular democratic government

I'm back again after a long time. I always wanted to write but it didn't happen. Today I want to share the most important and memorable incident of 2008 happened in our Bangladesh. It's actually something we were expecting for long. December 29 of 2008 was a very important day for the nation.  It's the [...]

Beendobox :: Check and Send email without leaving Facebook!

Finally we were able to release an Alpha version of the Beendobox on Facebook. Now we can say there is a web application that makes life easier when accessing multiple email accounts. Currently it supports Hotmail, Yahoo & Gmail and hoping AOL & POP3 very soon. Find it here: Check and Send email without [...]