cURL Callback Function

Usually we get cURL response from curl_exec(). But we have options to get the output using callback functions. We can set callback function for both header and body output. Here is an example: //Init curl session $ch = curl_init(); //Set URL curl_setopt($ch, CURLOPT_URL, ‘’); // Set callback function for headers curl_setopt($ch, CURLOPT_HEADERFUNCTION, ‘read_header’); // Set [...]


Demo Of Url2PdfReport Classs

I have put a demo implementation of my Url2PdfReport Classs in the web. Many users asked me their problems using the Class. This demo is for their better understanding. My demo is here: [Choose your PDF reader's version in the demo.] If you are facing any kind outputting problem, please see the demo outputs [...]

Version Update :: Url2PdfReport Class

Yesterday I released version 1.1 of Url2PdfReport Class. Changes that come with this version are simple but helpful. Because of some user-queries, I added the following methods to the class: ----------------------------------------------------------- /** * Sets PDF version (added on 06/23/2006) * @param pdf version * @return none */ function setPdfVersion($pdfVersion) { /* $pdfVersion = 1.3 for [...]

PDF Service : Url2Pdf at

Here's the code of my Url2PdfReport PDF service at ------------------------Url2PdfReport.class.php--------------------- , * Moderator, phpResource ( * URL: * @version : 1.0 * @date 06/05/2006 * Purpose : Generating Pdf Report from a Given URL */ class Url2PdfReport { private $url; private $pdfWidth = 850; private $remoteApp = ""; /** * Sets URL that [...]