Firefox 3.5.5 – Right click doesnt work?

If you have recently installed/upgraded to firefox version 3.5.5, you may have faced the right click problem on pages. I experienced the same and found a solution. Now right button click works well for me.

This is a very simple fix but you have to know the If you are facing the same problem, you may try uninstalling “Yahoo Toolbar” from firefox addons list (Tools > Add-ons > Yahoo Toolbar > Uninstall).

Just wanted to share this simple but important fix.



16 thoughts on “Firefox 3.5.5 – Right click doesnt work?

  1. You may have hidden or disabled the yahoo toolbar but never got rid of the addon. So although you don’t physically see the yahoo toolbar, the addon would still be in firefox. It works for me


  2. This worked for me!!!!
    My mouse right click menu stopped working/appearing in Firefox on my laptop usb mouse…
    In the “Tools” menu under “Add-ons” I selected the iobit toolbar then click “disable” and then the browser wanted to restart…
    IT WORKED!!!!
    I also disabled the yahoo toolbar using the same method but it was the iobit toolbar that did it!!
    –> THANK YOU! <—


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