Election in Bangladesh – Getting a secular democratic government

I’m back again after a long time. I always wanted to write but it didn’t happen. Today I want to share the most important and memorable incident of 2008 happened in our Bangladesh. It’s actually something we were expecting for long.

December 29 of 2008 was a very important day for the nation.  It’s the anchor point for something new for us – as the country was being ruled by a military backed governemt since 2007. I don’t want to elaborate the reason for military-backed governemt – but it has a backend history. The country was in a democracy-less condition in 2007 and 2008.

However, the 29th december election was a turning point for the nation – from a military-backed ruling to democracy. There were two major alliances fighting to win the election. One was the Awami League led grand alliance and another was the BNP led four party alliance. The Awami League led grand alliance pledged for the trial of the war criminals those who killed 3 millions of Bangladeshi in 1971 (of the then East Pakistan) and a digital Bangladesh. It’s important to mention that a big number of people of the BNP led fourt party alliance are war criminals – that’s why they never wanted to start the trial for the war criminals. People compared the pledges offered by both alliances and placed their right to the Awami League led grand alliance. They won in more than 3/4 of the seats in the parliament. People rejected the war criminals and corrupted leaders’ alliance. And thus Awami League – which is known as the secular political party in this country – and its alliance entered into power.

We believe Awami League can fulfill the pledges they offered to win the election. So far so good – they already started initial processing for war criminals’ trial.

We really need a digital Bangladesh.

Lets hope for better!



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