Nov 2007 to Feb 2008 Summary

Long time I did not blog and share anything. So it’s time to share something that I have experienced in the last few months. Today I will talk a bit on all key happenings.

Nov 2007:
I bought a new laptop of my expected configuration. It is hp branded – 1.82 G Hz Processor, 1G RAM, 80 G HDD, blah blah. To me, it’s not less than a super computer for my web dev works. It came to my great helps when I went to village in the Eid Occasion. I stayed long time there, but did not feel that much prob as I was connected using GP Internet and the new laptop. FYI, GP net speed in the countryside is much better than what we normally get in Dhaka. I got 8-14K always. So it was a very enjoyable occasion – I worked at night and spent time with relatives during day. I donno when I will again get such moments.

Dec 2007:
Came back to Dhaka few days back (late Nov) and was looking for a new house bcoz the existing one had a lot of infrastructural probs. It was tough to find a desired sized house at the desired position. But we tried a lot. Later we got it and paid some upfront to keep it for us. At the same time I was enjoying the new project that we started in late September. It was coming along better and better.

I always had a desire to continue higher study. It did not happen bcoz of time, etc. This month I thought I would try once. Then I sat for an admission test at North South University for an MS degree in Comptuter Science & Engineering. The exam was not that good; but it was not bad bcoz I answered almost all questions (later I found some answers were wrong..LOL).

Jan 2008:
Another new year; ah, days pass very quickly. Happy new year friends..I know it’s a belated one, nvm. I started work at the current company just one year back from this January. So it was a good feeling that I had worked a period that could be measured in year’s scale.haha. I got admitted into NSU in the MS CSE program. I have taken only one course initially bcoz I have a very little time to spend on study right these months. Just checking myself by a single course as I was away from schooling long time(well I will take more on future though). My only course title is “Formal Methods in Software Engineering”, it’s a good course to understand software engineering. I only need to attend a class every week. So it seems easier to me.

Feb 2008:
Doing good in my project, enjoying works that I am engaged with. And this month I have a news for my “Gmail Addressbook Grabber” class users. I received a lot of requests to update the class, but time was killing me. Now I have one that I can release soon. Please wait few more days good guys. I will satisfy you all. I am almost out of contributing the open source community for a long time. But I must contribute there a lot, bcoz I love open source like many others ranging from newbies to geeks.

New year, new target:
This year I targeted to earn better to fulfill some targets. I did not look at money in the past, but this time I need to take care of my family, basic needs, etc – yes I must. I know I can earn much better (than what I earn now) if I run for money. In the new year, I got some good job offers at home and abroad, but I am working on a cool project that gives me pleasure in every working moments. It’s a project based on a new and innovative idea. I never want to miss such good chances. Because I know only one good project can enrich/alter/change the career level.

Today, Feb 14th, is the Valentine’s day. Wish you a great Valentine’s day!

Thanks for your time. Please pray for my goodness. Stay tuned..:)

Take care.



6 thoughts on “Nov 2007 to Feb 2008 Summary

  1. I found your site on google blog search and read a few of your other posts. Keep up the good work. Just added your RSS feed to my feed reader. Look forward to reading more from you.

    – Randy Nichols.


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