Search and Replace in Several Files Using PHP and Perl

Search and replace of keywords are very important in programming especially when you are working with files. I prepared and released a PHP class for this purpose. You can check it here: You can use this class very easily. It has also an option to log changes/replacements that have been done in the most [...]


A Short Guideline to Create Password Protected Web Directory Using .htpasswd

Because of some consecutive requests on "how to create password protected web directory", I am putting a short guideline so I can refer them to this page in future: Make an htaccess file (in your desired directory) like this: ----------.htaccess--------------------------------------- AuthUserFile /your/path/passwordprotected/path/.htpasswd AuthName "Display Text" AuthType Basic Require valid-user -------------------------------------------------------------- Make the .htpasswd file in [...]

Hello AOL Address Book Grabber Seekers

For AOL address book grabber seekers: I am getting a lot of requests of "AOL Address Book Grabber" PHP code. For your information - please don't send me emails. Instead, please fill the following form: I am a very busy guy and don't have time to reply to all emails separately. So I thought [...]