Surida and Me Started a New Life

I donno how I should say the news, but I know I have to express. On 13th July I got married and started a new life. On that day I passed all the most memorable hours of my life. I still wonder how the hours passed away so quickly. Wedding is a special and unique matter for anyone’s life, you cant just express it by writing or saying all day. A marriage not only brings two persons together, but also two families and moreover two hopes carried by two different hearts. It makes up everything ONE from TWO.

Our families arranged everything to make this occasion happen. 14th was the wedding reception day held at my home. Our friends and relatives attended both functions. We met a lot of friends & relatives those we did not meet a long time with. In our Bangladeshi Culture, there is a lot of things to do in a marriage. we both did a lot, but not all.

I am happy that I have a sweet wife now. She knows a lot of things around. Although she completed her B.Sc. (honors) & M.Sc in Botany but she has a very good design concept as well as other knowledges around. I am proud of her. We will have a very happy conjugal life, because we are ONE.

yesterday I returned to work fully. We are looking for a new suitable house where we will make our dreams come true. Please pray for our very happy conjugal life.

I will share more whenever I will get time.




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