Fastest Solution to Count Number of Lines Inside a File

Here is another PERL stuff to share. Many systems have a wc program to count lines in a file: ——————————- $count = `wc -l die "wc failed: $?" if $?; chomp($count); ------------------------------- You could also open the file and read line-by-line until the end, counting lines as you go: open(FILE, " $count++ while ; # [...]


Tell A Friend (TAF) System With Gmail, Yahoo, MSN, AOL Contact List Grabbers

Recently I prepared a simple Tell A Friend (TAF) System with Gmail, Yahoo, MSN, AOL contact list grabbers. We all know that Tell A Friend (TAF) is a very important part now-a-days for any well-organized/planned website. Also many sites (especially social networking sites) facilitates TAF with contact list importing from major email providers (Gmail, Yahoo, [...]