See My Simple Image Thumbnailer

Last week when I noticed the MYRUET members could not upload proper sized image to their profile page, I prepared a simple image thumbnailer. I donno if it helped them a lot but I noticed few members used it. Here is the demo:

It is very simple one to prepare. It manipulates the would-be scale size using this formula:


function imageScale($image, $newWidth, $newHeight)

if(!$size = @getimagesize($image))
die("Unable to get info on image $image");

$ratio = ($size[0] / $size[1]);

if($newWidth == -1)
$ret[1] = $newHeight;
$ret[0] = round(($newHeight * $ratio));
else if($newHeight == -1)
$ret[0] = $newWidth;
$ret[1] = round(($newWidth / $ratio));

die("Scale Error");

return $ret;


Please check the thumbnailer and let me know if some changes can make this more strong.

Best regards.



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