Happy Birthday To Shimul

Today is the happy birthday of the awesome guy Shimul. Happy Birthday To You Shimul. I am Wishing Many Many Returns Of This Day In Your LIFE. Just keep going ahead as of now... Happy Birthday To YOU AGAIN... Take care.. Regards, $Rupom


Ubuntu Linux :: Linux for Human Beings

I have installed Ubuntu Linux in my PC on day before yesterday. Ubuntu means "Humanity to Others". Ubuntu is contributing the open source community by Ubuntu itself. We, the open source enthuasists, should appreciate its activities. I didnt get any complexity during Ubuntu installation in my PC. The installation system just reminded me the Debian [...]

Submit Codes to phpResource Coding Contest

We, phpResource Group, started the coding contest at the beginning of this month. We were expecting many codes from the members of the group. Already some members participated the coding contest. But the expectation was too much big for this coding contest. We expected at least 50 codes from the members, but got a very [...]

Gmail Address Book Grabber :: New Demo

Yesterday I updated the “Gmail Addressbook Grabber” class and put it to my site’s demo section. From now on, you will see the live example of this class in my site. Please follow this location and see the addressbook grabber: http://www.rupom.info/demos/grab_gmail/ Changes took places in this version are: - CURL enability is no longer the [...]

Prize “CGI Programming with Perl” to Dhaka

Yesterday I got “Innovation Award” winning prize from PHP Classes, an O’relly book named “CGI Programming with Perl”. The prize reached to Dhaka three days earlier, I released it by UPS and got in my hand yesterday. I started my reading on “CGI Programming with Perl” just after receiving the book. I developed two projects [...]