Demo Of Url2PdfReport Classs

I have put a demo implementation of my Url2PdfReport Classs in the web. Many users asked me their problems using the Class. This demo is for their better understanding. My demo is here: [Choose your PDF reader's version in the demo.] If you are facing any kind outputting problem, please see the demo outputs [...]


Version Update :: Url2PdfReport Class

Yesterday I released version 1.1 of Url2PdfReport Class. Changes that come with this version are simple but helpful. Because of some user-queries, I added the following methods to the class: ----------------------------------------------------------- /** * Sets PDF version (added on 06/23/2006) * @param pdf version * @return none */ function setPdfVersion($pdfVersion) { /* $pdfVersion = 1.3 for [...]

Being The Top Downloaded Author At

i am the top downloaded author for this week at Three of my classes are now in the top ten (10) list. These three classes made me the top downloaded author for this week: SQL2PDFReport HTML2PDFReport Grab Gmail Address Book I am happy getting this top position. My special thanks to the phpclasses members. [...]