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My class “SecurePassword” has been approved at and it gave me the chance to be one of the top ten authors authors once again.

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About this class:

This technique of generating password hash (or password digest) generates strong hash of plain
text password. And for authentication, it matches a generated hash with a plain password.

Modern computers can generate both md5() and sha1() very quickly, thousands per seconds. Thus generating hashes and matching with existing hashes (for hacking) is easy. The present technique implements a kind of hashing that makes strong salt, decodes that and makes hash with that decoded salt and the given password. It gives a variable length strong hash that makes attackers’ job tough.

This technique –
1. Creates strong salt of given length
2. Makes that salt more strong by decoding it to binary data
3. Creates hash appending that salt to the output of secure hash algorithm – 1
(sha1)generated hash. Parameter of SHA1 in this case is (decoded salt + plainpassword)
4. In matching a password with a stored hash,

(i) The salt is extracted from given/stored hash and decoded first
(ii) Then sha1() is implemented on that salt + plain password
(iii) Then this hash is compared with the sha1() generated-hash portion of given/stored hash

Strengths :
1. If no parameter is given, initSalt() generates random salt that eventually generates random password hash for the same plain password.
2. When password characters are only plaintext, attackers’ job is easy. Use of base64_decode()
helps this technique generate more strong password since the hash contains binary data.
3. Changing the length of salt (saltLength), you can generate password of variable lengths(upto 70 characters). This strengthens the password and makes attackers’ job tough.

Please rate this class if you like and if it comes to your needs. Please feel free to contact me for
any suggestion and/or further assistance regarding the technique and its implementation.



7 thoughts on “See My Class “SecurePassword” at

  1. Thanx Rupom for the class.

    But how can I insert the coded/hashed password into MySQL database?

    what field type should I use? BLOB?

    thank you


  2. thanx for the replay,
    the probleme i have is when i use the hash to get the password, i can’t store it using VARCHAR, it gives empty table, even if i set the length twice bigger than initial pass value.
    maybe it has something to do with base64_decode as this encodes to binary!?
    or i choul decode password befor sending it to database!?

    thank you


  3. i think this class doesn’t work with sql VARCHAR table, because, it uses base64 data which is binary, and binary should be stored in BLOB tables.

    also, i think we should do some utf-8 encoding/decoding because when you echo bianry characters on the browser, they get different “views” depending on the encoding you select on the header of page.

    please test this ith mysql database, i use the wordpress’s wpdb_Class to communicate with database:


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